Cable Manufacturers

Most cable manufacturing companies make more than just one type of cable and are therefore not always easy to find nor compare. However, there are a few things to look for to determine integrity any other type of signals.

Some of the information we looked for to make our determination of the best bulk cable manufacturer was the amount of information the company provides for their products. 

In example, we had a close look at ethernet cables made by Syston Cable Technology in 2020. Particularly Cat5e and Cat6. We compared their cables to that of other top sellers on the internet and found that not only are Syston Cable ethernet cables lower in price, they are actually better than the more expensive brands!

Not all companies actually say if their cable is pure copper or not. Syston Cable does and they back it. In addition to all the details we looked, we searched for good pricing and ability to purchase bulk cable from common stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon.

Cable Information Is Everything

It’s not easy to find the best cable manufacturing company especially when there are so many fake brands or businesses that buy cable and resell. Lucky for you we did much of the leg work to truly find cable manufacturing companies that truly do make their own cables and sell them here in the United States. While many of the cable companies don’t sell directly on their websites, this is not bad because it allows them to focus on only on what they do best which is making cable.

Syston Cable Technology is one of the few companies we found that fits all our requisites. Have a look at the information they provide as example below. This information is what is listed on the stores that sell their product. Perhaps what is even better is there is much more information on this companies website. That in itself is a breath of fresh air. For these reasons, Syston Cable Technology was our top pick for best bulk cable manufacturing companies.

Cat 5e Ethernet Cable - 1000 ft.

  • Cat5e 350Mhz Riser Outdoor Sunlight resistant and In-wall CMR rated Bulk 500 feet High Performance cable with ascending and descending footage marking every 2ft. from 0000 – 500. Reelex technology provides easy pulling and flexibility for the cable with easy jacket stripping. All our cables are compliant and provide the highest standard for your professional networking needs.
  • UTP 24AWG Solid Pure Bare Annealed Copper for the strongest signal you can achieve in networking Pure Copper provides better conductivity and enhanced flexibility with, while providing exceptional transmission and performance with lowest possible signal loss.
  • Standard Compliances and Certifications – ANSI/ TIA 568-C.2, ANSI / TIA 862 (Building Automation), ISO/ IEC 11801, ICEA S-90-661 (Category5e), NEC/ CEC Type, UL Listed CMR for Riser, ETL, CEC and RoHS compliant.
  • 350Mhz Speed High-Data transfer for networking peripherals and applications that utilize RJ45 connectors including routers, switches, online gaming, video surveillance and streaming, POE Power over Ethernet, HDMI or HD Base-T extenders, Computers, Laptops, Playstation, Xbox, and any connection with an RJ45 connector looking to connect to the internet.
  • All Syston cables are Industry Standard Compliant with ANSI/ TIA 568-C.2, NEC / CEC Types, UL Listed, and RoHS Compliance and more depending on the type of cable being purchased